Rethink, Refine and Rise: The Power of Brand Strategy Assessments with Wanita Z
LinkedIn for B2B Growth with Michelle J RaymondNovember 06, 2023x
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Rethink, Refine and Rise: The Power of Brand Strategy Assessments with Wanita Z

When did you last take time to reflect on your business and social strategy? Chances are it's been a while and things have slipped out of alignment.

Wanita Z discusses how a brand strategy assessment could be just what you need to level up and grow your business.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:08 Why is it important to take time out to do a business strategy assessment?
00:02:45 How would you address the common misconception that strategy is solely focused on the future?
00:11:14 What areas do you recommend are included in the strategy assessment?
00:21:35 How often should businesses review their strategy?
00:26:28 The 5 Whys tool to assess products and services

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